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Commercial Catering Vehicles

Commercial Catering Vehicles, otherwise known as food vans, food trucks, food trailers or BBQ trailers etc. can be a great way to provide a second income on the weekends or start a new business with a fleet of lunch trucks! But make sure you do it right from the start, give me a call to discuss your needs. You need to think about where and when you will be serving your customers. What types of food you will be providing. How much food you will be selling, and how much you need to keep in stock. And don't forget to wash your hands and clean your dishes!

The RV Plumber can advise what type of electrical system you need. How many batteries you may need, what type of inverter or whether solar power would be suitable.

The RV Plumber is able to work with you to provide what is required to get your mobile food van up and running. This includes the ESV Complex Gas Fitting Notice.

Some councils request different items to make your food van meet the requirements, sometimes this can be very difficult in such limited space in your trailer or food van. The RV Plumber has become accustomed to working around these issues.