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Caravan Diesel Heaters

Diesel heaters are great little heaters, they are a little more complex in their design than the Truma gas heater, but provide good heat output for minimal diesel consumption. They draw a little more power from your 12v supply than the Truma E2400 gas powered heater. Diesel heaters are considered to be a little louder than the E2400, this extra noise is noticeable outside the RV, the main noise coming from the combustion air intake and the fuel metering pump.

Caravan Diesel heaters are the perfect addition to the Free Camper's RV. The more energy sources available, the longer you can free camp by efficiently managing your resources ie. Diesel, Battery, Solar, Generator and Gas.

I can supply and install Webasto 2000 STC diesel heaters for a competitive price in comparison to most Caravan Workshops. I can also install your own supplied Diesel heaters.

For installations into motorhomes, please contact a workshop that specialises in motorhomes.

All of my work is backed by a 12 month workmanship guarantee, along with the product warranty.

All wiring is completed by me on-site at your location (12 volt and 24 volt only).