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Thermal Imaging - Diagnosis and Analysis

Thermal Imaging can be used to analyse the operation of components in your caravan to identify issues such as overheating, heat loss, lack of insulation, location of timber and wires in the wall. Analysis of the images is not always easy, it requires specialised knowledge of how caravans are built to be able to identify certain readings the camera picks up.

The image below is of a diesel heater in operation. The thermal images identified 2 hot spots on the heat exchanger which could be an indication of a future failure in the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger could crack and spill carbon monoxide into the caravan. It also shows how hot the exhaust gets, and in this installation the timber floor is not suitably protected from the heat of the exhaust, the timber floor is at risk of spontaneous combustion at temperatures above 200 degrees Celsius. In this installation example, the timber floor will experience charring at the very least.

Below is another brand of diesel heater. The heat distribution across the heat exchanger is fairly evenly distributed. In this installation the timber floor is suitably protected from the exhaust with shroud attached to the base mounting plate of the heater.

The following images show a Truma E2400 and a Truma Combi 2E gas heater in operation.

The following images show concealed how timber and wires can be found, and also identify certain locations of heat loss, indicating a lack of insulation in that particular spot.